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the pentax has in-body antishake so it doesnt mater what lens you put on, its there. aparently it works better than canons and nikons...
Maybe, I've seen comments both favourable and unfavourable on in-camera anti-shake. It's a moot point if you don't buy the body with inbuilt anti-shake in the first place, hence my point on the cost effectiveness of Nikon lenses; if you opt for the Nikon, the VR lenses are cheaper than the Canon eqivalents and you can buy them later. That said, one of my workmates bought the Pentax 10D after looking at the 100D and took it to africa on a Safari tour, the results he got with the 10D and a modest sigma 18-200 were IMO very good. One thing you could do is pop in to the local camera shop and snap some images out in the street with both, then take the images home and compare. Look for details in shaded areas, particularly compression artifacts and noise.
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