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Originally Posted by acropolite View Post
If you are hell bent on either Nikon or Pentax I'd go for Nikon, simply because they have some reasonably priced VR (anti shake) lenses in their range.
the pentax has in-body antishake so it doesnt mater what lense you put on, its there. aparently it works better than canons and nikons...

i'd be hard pressed to get a 350d for the same price second hand that doesnt have 5000 or more actuations on it.

havng read a bunch of comparisons now the pentax autofocus is suposedly pretty fast the lens are good while 2.8fps isnt that fast it will do me easy.

this could be a month away or so but the pentax is looking like a great camera. the only problems i see over the 350d/400d is thats its only 6.1mp but i shoot for teh web anyhow. and that its startup time is a bit slow.
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