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I have a Skywatcher 12Ē Goto dob and set it up with dew control knowing that it could be an issue in the future which can ruin your night
I bought a Skywatcher black elastic shroud to fit over the truss section which eliminates stray light and held prevent dew forming on the primary mirror. Then bought a Kendrick secondary heater band which fitted around the stalk of the secondary and finally Kendrick heater straps to fit around the finder scope and a spare for eye pieces if needed.
Iíve have the scope for 2 years and never had to end a nights observing because of dew. There have been nights of fairly heavy dew particularly in the early hours and it hasnít ended my night
I donít know about a 16Ē though , thatís a big dob , hopefully a shroud and some dew control may prevent your issue
PS: Iíve only cleaned my mirrors once in 2 years and Iím located 250m from the beach.Ive been advised not to clean your mirrors to often unless they have built up salt, mildew or mould evident
Good luck !!
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