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Originally Posted by bratislav View Post
You should add that :

- primary is precision edge ground with zero wedge, and will never require collimation after it is factory assembled
- no tools of any kind are required for secondary collimation, just fingertips
- both primary and secondary are heated and can be kept dew free, greatly enhancing the longevity of coatings
- secondary focusing combined with ultra rigid back plate means no flexure/tilt whatsosever, even with heaviest cameras, off axis guiders, adaptive optics devices and filter wheels

and most importantly:
- guaranteed optical quality, with every unit tested via intereferometry as well as Roddier on real sky. No ifs, buts or excuses of any kind
Thanks Bratislav,
I didn't want to make the reply too long.
Yes, basically it is possible to have the primary removed and then put back without upsetting collimation.
The mirror coatings are not quite as reflective as the multilayer dielectric coatings claimed by the other brands, but the protected aluminium coatings, in mine, can be redone while for the others it's the end of the road if they deteriorate.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
For the quality of what you’re making it’s a very good price Stefan.
Thanks Colin for the feedback.

Originally Posted by John K View Post
Having seen the scope Stefan has built, I can categorically say it’s a very impressive instrument and way above anything commercially available. Everything is over engineered.

Stefan’s passion for making impressive optical instruments is second to none and he recently completely refurbished and rebuilt a second hand scope for me to take the instrument to another level.

To top it off, Stefan is a great guy who will go out of his way to help others in the amateur astronomy scene and above and beyond just making something for them.

John K.
Thanks John for the kind words.

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