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[QUOTE=AstroApprentice;1416188]Hi Stefan,
Just wondering if you could comment on how you think your design compares to other CDKs of same aperture? I note yours has faster f ratio than these two:

Also, What’s the central obstruction %?

I added a few more things to the specifications list.

My CDK design is 1.9 times faster than the Hubble one and 1.33 times faster than the AG Optical.
Mine is significantly lighter and more compact than those.
Mine has larger central obstruction than the Hubble and smaller than the AG.
My design is limited to 42mm diagonal sensors, the others were designed to work with larger ones.
Mine has built in heaters while for those it is optional extra.
Mine uses a secondary focuser, allowing a very clean, rigid and precise imaging train.
Mine comes with a precision camera rotator while the others have it as optional extra.
I can't comment about the mechanical build quality for those, but mine is as good as it gets.
Last but not least my price seems to be better too and you are dealing with a local manufacturer that is eager to help you out if you get stuck.
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