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Originally Posted by AstroApprentice View Post
Hi Stefan,
The scope looks amazing! Could you please list the full specs, including optical parameters, dimensions, weight etc?
Aperture 250mm
Focal Length 1450mm
Fully Corrected Flat Field Diameter 42mm
Secondary Obstruction 50%
Quartz overcoated mirrors
Broadband AR coated lenses
Back Focal Length (From Field Rotator to Focal Plane) 133mm
OTA Diameter 299mm
OTA Length (without Field Rotator) 496mm
OTA Weight (including Rails, Field Rotator, Dovetail Plate and Adaptors) 10Kg
Built in primary and secondary heaters

Originally Posted by glend View Post
Stefan, that figure is your cost right? So what profit bargain are you going to put on your materials, effort, etc? Given usual retail markup, I suspect you would need to charge $15k minimum.
I did not apply any mark-up for design and development cost recovery because I would have made this instrument anyway for my own use, and I wanted to make the price as affordable as possible. If I start making them for sale, then I will have to find ways of making them more efficiently in order to recover those initial costs.
Just to clarify: The Price I worked out includes both the labour and the cost of materials.
Also no retail pricing applies because I do not intend to make them available for retail. At least initially I intend to make no more than a couple per year as I have commitments in the laser industry.

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