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Originally Posted by Malcolm View Post
After buying this I've made probably about a dozen failed attempts to download this app. I think I've downloaded about 4GB of data from my isp trying to get this.
SS6 Pro is using 2 GB on my phone (1.87 GB for the app, which I assume includes the full Pro star catalogue, and another 128 MB of "User data", which probably includes my in-app purchases etc).

I can't recall how big the full download is, as I've been on the Beta program, so I've had a lot of small downloads in the last few days for Beta patch updates - from memory, it was about 1.5 GB. (I do recall getting a warning that this was a big download, and to check my data caps before installing)

Sit yourself down with a good wi-fi connection, delete the app and then install it again, and it should be good to go.

Good luck!
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