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A quick question... Alex mentioned an eq platform for his dob 8inch. Is an eq platform absolutely needed for vidastro with a dob, even goto?

I was all but set on 12gotodob, i would like good ep views, but i would like the ability to drop a camera in as well. 50/50 timeshare, eyepiece or Ln300 (or cheap equivalent).
Ken Ballaratdragon's 4 or 5 second exposures with refractor on utube, is it doable on gotodob?

Should i reconsider the dob? Can someone suggest a scope for dso, vid and ep?

Moon and planets are cool, but ya get a good enough eyefull of those with everything. So 85% dso, 15% moon and planets....i know i know, ya cant have it all.

Sick of google running me in circles, thanks for your help or link.

Clear skies
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