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G'day Peter, you sound just like me, as I am a novice to all this as well. If I recall, I just downloaded the ASI224 drivers and Firecapture, and made sure I played around with it during the daytime to become familiar with it. For planetary and lunar capturing, that's all you really need at the moment.

Some challenges that may lay ahead is 'combining' how to focus in concert with placing the planet on the chip. After capturing, then comes Autostakker, and (commonly) Registax.

I haven't gone EQMOD/Stellarium yet, there's really no need if I'm getting by with the hand controller just at the moment. It's a steep learning curve, but so rewarding as well, and I'm taking it in just bit by bit. One thing to note, depending on your scope, the ASI224 chip is small (optimised for planets), so you may well find the whole moon will not fit into the frame. There is a great site '' where you can plug in your telescope and camera configuration, and it will show you what FOV you will get for just about any object.

Cheers, Fox
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