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Hi, finally slowly getting my head around FireCaputure.
I have just downloaded Sharacap to try out the polar alignment part of the program.
Looks easy enough to work with.
The issue is when i got the program up and running, selected my camera from the camera menu ( ASI224MC ) all i got was a white screen.
So i figured that i would play around with the gain and exposure settings to see if i could get an image on the screen ( using it inside during the daytime )
I git the screen to go anywhere from white to black, but no image, figured something a bit odd going on, so was going to leave it until i can get outside under the stars.
In the meantime i went back an opened up FireCapture, I now get a white screen on here as well, it was working fine last time i had it opened.

Has installing SharpCap and playing with the setting on there messed up my camera settings for when i open up FireCapture, or is there something else odd going on?
I haven't got ASCOM or anything else installed yet.
Or have i really messed everything up and need to uninstall it all and start over?
Not the best with technology as you can see.
Any help would be appreciated.
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