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Dumbbell pushing the image scale

Two clear-ish nights in a row here!

Been collecting some decent data on Tarantula, but that is clearing my shed pretty late, so have been adding bits and pieces to some northern targets, none of them really noteworthy.

I did get some time on the dumbell, though and I thought it was a good testament to short FL, lighter weight scopes and their ability to resolve small things with modest mounts. So yeah, here is the dumbbell nebula, with 45 x 60s in Ha and Oiii, mapped HOO, no darks, gain 139 on the zwo 1600 mm pro. FL was 455mm on a william optics zenithstar 81 with flat 6aiii. I'd tried a couple of weeks ago with the 8" newt... guiding numbers were good but i had to toss out almost all of the subs, a pretty frustrating night. I posted that image in the astroimaging equipment discussion thread if you'd like to compare.

At a large size you can definitely see that the scale is really not good, but for showing a mate what it looks like, it gets the job done
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