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Drivers need to run ASI224MC Camera on Windows 10 and FireCapture


I have a ZWO ASI224MC Camera on the way.

I plan to run it through the program called FireCapture.

I am also going to be running it on Windows 10 and a Laptop.

I have just been looking through the ZWO Site and it tells me i need to download their Software drivers.

So do i take it i need to download what they refer to as ASI Cameras V3.0.0.1 ( This is under their Native drivers )

Do I need to install their ASIStudio ( Under Software )

Do i need to install their ASCOM Platform ( under ASCOM Drivers )

I do i just only need to install the first one (ASI Cameras V3.0.0.11 ) and it will then run on FireCapture fine?

Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.

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