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NGC 6872 the Condor Galaxy and others.

Taken under Bortle 6 to 7 skies, almost amazed its possible to pull any detail from galaxy clusters under such bright skies, and filters of no use with galaxy imaging.

I saw this interesting galaxy cluster on DSS images so thought Id have a crack at it. Loving the EOS Ra, with ISO at max test shots of just a few secs reach well into the sky background, making composing images easier, the galaxies were visible, and the live view makes focusing spot on.

The battle really begins once I have the data, dealing with strong light pollution that turns into a strong gradient as I process the calibrated, stacked image. It plays havoc with the colour balance trying to get the sky looking neutral. Anyway here it is, I cropped just the interesting part, there are smaller fainter galaxies scattered throughout the full frame. A full frame camera seems so big compared to the old 350D.
Full res version of the cropped image below. Hand guided as usual.

More info about this strange looking spiral galaxy here
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