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I bought my 15 x 50s about 15 years ago and have carried them around the world despite their bulk. Providing a 4.5 field of view they provide a wide view of the sky. I have also found them effective finding meteorites in polluted skies.
I’ve found that at 15x you still need to keep yourself steady to get good views. The IS works well, but has its limits. From a moving platform they can be unusable. Also mine tends to be hungry for battery power. It demands good quality batteries or they die quickly. I bought some el cheapo batteries overseas, and they lasted only very short time. At first I thought the binos had developed a fault, making a clicking noise as they were trying to operate, but good batteries solved that.
When new, mine had a rubberised coating over the some of the parts. After 10 years , in my environment this turned into sticky goo. This can be removed with with metho. With the bare plastic exposed, they don’t appear so ‘sexy’ but the performance is not impaired, and in the dark, few people notice.
The bottom line is that I’m happy with them. I brought them with me when I had to travel back to Oz at short notice back in January, and glad I did, as I’m now stranded here because of covid, waiting to get back to the family in Laos.
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