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Parks 1.5 inch Equatorial Mount, Perth WA

I thought I would restore this one day and use it with a 6" f15 refractor however it has been several years since I acquired it and the fact is I like using the refractor on an alt/az mount.

This is a large old school equatorial mount made in the USA with 1.5 inch shafts. It was originally used with Parks 10 and 12 inch newtonians.

It is incomplete and is missing the RA setting circle and control hand set. Also missing the three legs from the pier. Other than that it is complete and includes two 21 pound counterweights and diy tube rings (375mm tube) to suit a large newtonian. It will need some tinkering and elbow grease to put back in service. As it is shown in the photos it stands approx 39 inches to the centre of the saddle plate. The pier by itself is 24 inches in length and 6.5 inches OD.

It is very heavy and therefore really only available for local pick up. I can deliver it in the Perth metro area. I am asking $450 but am open to negotiation or trade. Please contact by PM to discuss.

Perth WA
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