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Autostakkert Quality Graph meaning resolved

After years, I finally came across an article in Sky and Telescope magazine ( Sept 2016 ) which explains the meaning behind the Quality Graph in Autostakkert 2 and 3
Written by the AS developer Emil Kraaikamp.
The graph shows the following -
Gray jagged sawtooth graph lines represent the video frame by frame unsorted from left to right
Green line represents the frames sorted in quality from best to worse ( left to right )
Vertical Y axis is divided into 4 sections 25% each ( total 100% ) with the 50% quality mark indicated on the graph in the centre
So the best frames are top left on the graph and worst are at the bottom right of the graph
Once the frames are Analysed, you can select the best 50% by holding down the CTRL button an right click with your mouse on the 50% line or roughly where the green quality line passes across the 50% line. This is a safe estimate of quality but Autostakkert recommend you review your frames and based on that try other percentages higher or lower

In the past I have just been manually selecting 25% , 50% , 75% and 90% in the check boxes without fully understanding the graph properly
Now I just select the 50% mark on the graph or roughly where the green quality line passes the 50% line and my stacked images are working out pretty good so far and not waisting time looking at 3 or 4 other stacked options using the check boxes

Hope this helps other folk like me who did not totally understand the quality graph
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