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Originally Posted by Em3xus View Post
Hi everyone,

Just registered today to ask some questions on beginners gear to buy for my wife.

She's wanted a telescope for years now and we finally have our own home and a good few places to put it. She also had a Canon 5D Mark 3 camera and would like a DSLR compatible telescope to take deep space pictures.

I'm finding a lot of different kits online but unfortunately many are out of my price range. Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of something relatively cheap (2-3k maximum for everything minus the camera) that can take deep space pictures and has a mount for a DSLR?


Great budget, if it was me I'd go for an heq5pro and skywatcher ed80 package from for 2700. Get a t-ring for the camera and perhaps a cheap guidescope and camera in a couple of months and there is nothing stopping her from taking sensational pics, even of some larger galaxies, and certainly of many wonderful nebula!
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