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Originally Posted by Saturnine View Post
I don't really see any processing artifacts as such, the image is a bit soft but that is more likely the seeing. Are you governing the focal length by the oft quoted 5 X the pixel size, 7 metres does seem a bit much. 7000 div. by 212 gives a ratio of f33 !
Using an USB3 connection will help increase signal speed from camera to to computer. If the gear only supports USB2 then you are limited .With Wavelet Sharpening, generally I start with about 20% on all sliders and gradually increase to as much as 50%, but that usually starts producing artifacts so usually set around 25 / 30% range for the planets.
Cool, thanks Jeff. I'll try your recommendations for sharpening. At x2 I'm around f24 which roughly what's recommended for the camera just a bit above 5m. With Mars I thought it was a little small so I backed up the camera by another 50mm and refocused at 7m so I could fill the same surface as Saturn. That's the great thing with the FFC. The magnification alone is a function of the distance camera/glass. The focus point doesn't change much. Regarding USB3.0 unfortunately even my notebook doesn't even have USB3.0.
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