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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
That's looking really good Colin. I need to get a color cam.
Interesting you find drizzle integration to improve the final. I never tried as I thought the image scale is already pretty big but I will now. On Saturn I always get "stairs" on the bright side of the planet where it meets the rings. Pretty sure that's a side effect of my processing too when I sharpen too much trying to get details on the surface.
Thanks Marc. My image scale is at 0.4"/pixel at the moment, I should be closer to 0.17"/pixel to do better with planetary details.
Here is a 40% stack of the second Jupiter set. Did a 1.5x drizzle, a little less harsh on the wavelets and did some mild deconvolution to recover some lost details. One night I should connect the QHY183M to the Mewlon and just do some planetary and lunar imaging.... But then I miss out on Deep Space! Oh the First World Problems!
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