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First Jupiter and Saturn

I've never attempted to do planetary photography other than just some happy snaps on my older iPhone hovering over the eye piece. So, I knew that my image scale was off, especially for OSC but I figured I'd give it a go anyway. I had been photographing Messier 8 and it was coming to the end of its run so I thought as a filter before moving on to NGC 300 I'd give a go at some planetary.

Mewlon 250 F/10

I do have a QHY183M which is a good match but I wasn't going to go through all of the hassle of changing things over for a quick foray.

Jupiter had 3000 frames at 10ms
Saturn had 3000 frames at 15ms

I know Saturn rotates slower than Jupiter so I'm hoping that I'm not pushing the rotation time out too far.
I'm wanting to play around with drizzle integrating in AS!3 to see if it helps.
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