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Your suggestion was considered and I was fortunate enough to have a plumber lend me his jack hammer to do the heavy work. I'm feeling a bit tingly in the arms and hands from using it though - it really bounces around!
Made short work of digging a 1m deep X600 square hole that's for sure.

The actual footing was 500m deep and the 1.3 m tall gal steel pillar sits also 500m below the paving level leaving it standing at 800mm above the floor to take my Neq6 mount and scope. I poured the template holding the four 300mm M12 bolts in-situ and aligned it square to fit the base plate of the pillar and once the concrete went almost off I was able (with the help of my Son) to drop the pillar in place over the bolts and propped it level and plumb using the ladder and some blocks of timber to set it in place.

Was a big job but was satisfying to rest on Fathers Day and soak up the achievement along with all the pampering from my fam.

Look forward to spray painting the pillar and fitting out the walls internally...

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