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Depending on the backfocus you have it may be a tight fit to get an OAG in.

I have an F4 reflector and with the focuser on it there's no way I could get an OAG in with a DSLR, but it's fine with a QHY10 as there is more space between the sensor and coma corrector.

The coma doesn't cause me any issues for guiding, phd2 finds the centroid so the shape of the guide star doesn't matter that much. It is harder to find a star as reliably though, there are fewer of them and they appear to be fainter generally. I haven't run into issues with it more than once or twice. I have a zwo oag with asi120mini guide camera.

I think it'll probably come down to whether you have a coma corrector and the spacing required between it and the sensor. With a canon and something popular like a baader MPCC there's no room for an OAG.
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