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Originally Posted by Crater101 View Post
From someone who is still very new at this, Thank You! There was a wealth of good advice, of which I've quoted only a small amount. I am not worthy... I'll be rethinking a few of my options as a result.
Thanks Warren!

Mate, don't beat yourself up about this. We all start from zero, and it is a learning process. I have changed my thinking MANY times over the years with many of my observing ideas and techniques, and this comes from experience, keeping an open mind to new ideas and also challenging the "accepted" thinking.

Like I said in that first post of mine, up until quite recently I used to say one only needs two, three or four filters. Today I say START with two, three or four filters and let your experience grow for it to dictate how much you want to follow planetary observing

For me, I stick to the Moon and planets from my home in Sydney, so my experience with these is growing, and I am now looking at pushing myself further with them, so my colour filter collection is growing. When I go bush, these colour filters stay home, but take the various Oiii, UHC and Hbeta + Oiii filters with me instead. But this is ME, and I try not to forget that I too started from zero, and keep this at the forefront of when I write here for people looking for help.

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