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Hi Peter

That looks like the correct one. If you go here and scroll down almost to the bottom of the page you will see the guider setup that Pete sells. It is just after the collimators and torches.

Obviously as you have the Synguider you won't need that part of the bits he has there. I started guiding with this setup from Pete about 4 or 5 years and it just worked. I didn't use the Synguider though.


Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
Thanks for the reply,
Do you by any chance have a link to that guide scope that you was referring to?
I found their site a tad hard to search on but did find this one:

Not sure if that was the one you were referring to of not, but was looking for something simple to start of with.
Couldn't find anything on there about a short extension though.

But any links or advise would be appreciated.
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