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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post

If you want to see more you just need to give yourself time. You are battling not just your eyes but also prevailing seeing conditions. You will need to wait for those fleeting moments of absolute clarity more often than not, and these need patience as it may take a few of these moments to really get your eye in. The amount of planetary detail that can be seen really is staggering, and every bit as much as photos show. But there are many factors that need to all line up first PLUS patience from you. And it may also take a few nights of observing to finally get one of those nights when what you see just leaves you truly astounded.

Patience, grasshopper.

OH, one last thing! Seeing details on the planets is also a very individual thing! Don't forget everyones's eyes are different, different sensitivity, different colour perception, different eye health, different acuity, different ages, different experience. Our eyes are not all the same like bottles of Evian water. When I was 42 years old I was showing Saturn at an outreach event, telling people that there were three of its moons visible with the scope I was using. A 14 year old boy comes up to the eyepiece and says "I can see four, no, five moons"... And there were!


From someone who is still very new at this, Thank You! There was a wealth of good advice, of which I've quoted only a small amount. I am not worthy... I'll be rethinking a few of my options as a result.
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