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Ax was my Nick name as kid...thanks for the memories.
All I am on about is making it doable and get you capturing something.
You may find this odd but I never use Goto but just the tracking on my I don't star align...although I will in the I point my scopes manually because I know where most objects are or can look at a star chart and work it out ..I point the scope like a pool que and usually get it ...mostly find stuff without the finder...anyways my point is if you get your polar alignment as I suggest you can switch on your mount tracking, point the lens at the object wait for it to settle and bang away.
Take time to get your focus however..use a mask if possible or take a few photos until it looks focused...
You can make a simple focuser mask with a disk the size of your lens with two holes about a cm. You will see two stars which when one means you are focused..but buy a real one when you can..a batimov mask.

Get yourself Deep Sky Stacker a free down load and stack your best captures, don't worry about darks and flats first as you can stack with out them...take your stacked image to Photoshop if you have it if not download Gimp a very good processing program and a free down load.
You can adjust the brightness and contrast play with the colour crop it and have your first image...from that simple beginning you can add star alignment, take darks..get Startools ...whatever...I just want to give you an easy start.
And you will be surprised what you can do with that camera and lens and many captures.
I still am doing only 60 second exposures and I am doing narrow band..I just do an hour or more...thirteen hours made up of thirty second subs...stacking takes a while but the results are pleasing...
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