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Make sure you re read my post as I needed a few edits...
The reference to stars going East or West is after you get polar aligned and the mount is tracking..often you get star trailing even if you have balanced the work out which way they are going expose your camera for a minute then cover the lens with something caring not to bump it..leave it covered for a minute then let it expose for five minutes..that way you will get a dot showing the start and from there you can see if it is drifting East or West..move your counter weight a little and do the same again and note if they have got better or worse. Also after you get to your selected object let the mount run for a couple of minutes as sometimes it needs to settle...

Then select your iso and don't be afraid to got high when starting out...point at a start and try a 60 second exposure. See if the star is round..if not go for shorter exposure until the star is reasonably round...then point your camera at something and bang off say 50 exposures and stack them and see what you get.
As I said don't be afraid to go high iso for starters as in time you can drop down...good luck.
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