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Yep I agree with the previous post. The eqmod cable goes from the computer to the hand controller port on the mount.

It is pretty complicated .

Once all the Ascom and EQMOD drivers and software are installed and you are using windows you need to download and install Stellarium scope and the correct version of Stellarium. The Stellarium scope download pages explains this.

The process involves starting eqmod toolbox. And connecting to the heq5 Ascom Eq Mount. The first time requires configuration. Once that fires up a floating toolbox hand controller is apparent along with the toolbox window.

Then start Stellarium scope and connect that by ticking the connect button , assuming you have set up Stellarium scope the first time as instructed On the Stellarium scope site, to connect to the Ascom eqmod heq5. Stellarium itself should be started from Stellarium scope and you should see your scope in the park position at SCP.

You can unpark the scope in the eqmod handcontrol pane and select tracking mode.

Once you are unparked you can search in Stellarium from the left hand pop out search bar by typing in a Star Name . Once Stellarium goes to the star and it is highlighted and named you can go to the star by clicking Cntrl 1 keys together.

Using the eqmod Toolbox handcontrol You can sentry the Star in your finder and camera and click cntrl plus 3 keys to sync.

To be safe I would make sure limits are set until you have worked out how to reset. There are other more detailed descriptions of the software installation process here and online.

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