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Can you post s pic of your cable, and the mount? The way I run mine the EQMOD cable is connected straight to the mount (The hand controller is not connected)

With all your gear connected, start PHD2 and run the setup wizard, it will run through a number of steps to connect the guide camera and mount and set up the focal length of the guidescope you are using (Assuming your equipment list in your sig is current, will be 120mm) you want to use ASCOM control with the EQ5/6 mount selected so it can pulse guide and and also know where the mount is pointing, otherwise you need to calibrate any time you change where the scope is pointed.

Once you have it all connected you need to calibrate PHD2. It should simply do it when you try to start guiding if it is not calibrated but if it has stored a calibration and you change something in the setup like the orientation of the guide camera you need to calibrate again or it will likely not work properly.
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