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Setting Up the cables

I eventually got Windows set up on my Mac (via Parallels)... and then installed SharpCap, PHD2, ASCOM, Deep Sky Stacker, EQMOD and drivers for HEQ5 and ZWO Camera.

I am running a SkyRover 115 triplet with a ZWO guide scope with Zwo120mini guide cam attached. I have an EQMOD cable. I have the ST4 cable that came with cam. Prime focus cam is Nikon D5100 with 0.8 Flattener Reducer.

Using SharpCap I was able to get good polar aligning done.

My issue is - how do i hook up all cables with system I am using ? (ie which cables do I use - and where do they plug in) After PA, i turned on PHD2 and it just wouldn't guide accurately. My Total error was way-out. Error message stated it may be a cabling issue.

Also... do I have EQMOD running when PHD2 is running ?

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