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When I started out 4 years ago, I bit the bullet and bought Televue eye pieces after 6 months of putting up with the basic 10mm and 25mm Plosslís and 30mm superview that came with my 10Ē dob ( Televue was a quantum leap in quality and view but you pay for it ) Iíve built my Televue collection up slowly over four years and I now have a 12Ē Goto dob and the views are literally out of this world on a good night ( pardon the pun )
All my Televue eye pieces were purchased new from Bintel in Sydney ( the main authorised Televue dealer in Australia )
The IIS classifieds have used Televue eye pieces popping up for sale from time to time so if you have a strict budget you might get some bargains
There are so many other quality eye pieces on the market it gets confusing so I hope others can pitch in and offer advice
Sorry but Iím a Televue user through and through so canít offer any other brand advice
Good luck !
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