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Please advice to buy an astrophotography camera

Hi all,

I have a project to upgrade my refracting telescope to capture Jupiter and Mars images. After many days of repairing and upgrading, the glasses are almost finished, so I want to ask people to buy a good camera.

Through learning about photography techniques on the forum, I found that they have suggested some criteria for cameras for astrophotography:

1. Easily customize elements: ISO, speed, aperture, set time, exposure (bulb)
2- Remove the lens
3- Light
4- Sensor (sensor) to
5- Live view, LCD sharp
6- High ISO, fast focus, anti-shake ...

The guide also suggests that some models that integrate the above criteria are mirrorless models, with models such as Sony Nex, Olympus EP, Nikon V1, Panasonic ...

It is miserable that my knowledge of cameras and photography is so shallow that I should ask for advice, in particular:

With a budget limit of buying about $ 600, a set of refracting telescopes d70f900 (homemade <3), geodetic pins, EQ1 bulbs (without a motor), which camera should I buy to fulfill my desire to shoot Jupiter, Saturn, Mars? Is there any simple guide for beginners like me about astrophotography?
Hope everybody help please! Thanks very much!
Best regards,
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