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I went to a local factory that makes custom kitchen counters and scored a 1mx30cm piece of some anonymous grey laminate from their scrap pile for free. It's not the famous ebony star, but nevertheless gives a low friction surface and was a huge improvement over the previous material I was using, Teflon on melamine. So +1 to the tips below about going to kitchen places. I paid nothing but brought a little money just in case they asked. I had called in advance explaining that I just needed a scrap of laminate for a project and asked if they had a "bin to raid".

Question on some other stuff:

What would be a good source for inexpensive hex bolts (i.e. 150mm M10 stainless steel). They're about $6ea at Bunnings, but can anyone recommend either locally (Perth) or online a place that can sell them at a significant discount to that? I need enough of them to make it worth my while saving a couple of bucks...

Also, carbon fibre tubes for dobsonian trusses. I've Googled and found a few places that sell 1M lengths. Anywhere longer tubes can be bought at a reasonable price?

Alternatively, since I'm aware CF is still crazily expensive, where's a good place to buy Aluminium tubes for the same purpose?
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