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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
It is amazing how deep we go.

Here is my effort 2 hours 40 total exposure CDK17. Not sure about the colours but no real reason to disbelieve them.

I'd like to add to this seeing as its a very interesting target. Your image is very sharp.

Hi Greg

I can see a clear hint of the small hook that is L6 there in your shot and perhaps even the very start of an indication of L7 & L8 but it's not clear, obviously need more exposure to confirm, the large SW Loop is not clear and mostly out of your frame anyway but looks like you have something there and the super faint L9 is out of your frame.

Yes, quite cool what we can do in modern amateur imaging ...always seems crazy compared to what we expected or were happy with as amateurs back in the good'ol film and print days

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