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Originally Posted by rustigsmed View Post
I see you have taken the scientific approach, from trial and error I can confirm that 30 minute Ha subs on an uncooled dslr is far tooooooo long


I wouldn't want to see the SNR or NSR on this one! And that is one of the chillier subs! 25 degs!
Eek yeah uncooled is a bit of a challenge but mine isn't too bad up to ambient around 10C. Much more than that and it's too noisy for my tastes now. I need to get cracking on the camera cooler mod

Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
sounds like a plan to me Dunk - a bit more exposure may be useful provided the dark noise does not get in the way.

High dark current is not all bad - if you have a lot of noise, you can use shorter subs because the results will be so bad that it doesn't make any difference
yeah I'd rather have some signal with my noise

I'm going to need to tackle the cooler situation as it's warming up now and I don't want summer to be a write off. That's one of the things that got me thinking and reading...I want to take subs as short as possible to balance the noise out with the number of subs.

Btw, any thoughts on dynamic range with DSLRs? From the way I figure, I'm losing one bit (using 14-bit raws) by bumping the ISO to 800, and another if I risk it at 1600. When will I start to notice the difference?
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