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Been a member for a while but not really posted. As I live in Sydney, most of my Astronomy is on-line, naked eye, and in magazines. I do relish the times I get away from the city....particularly Braidwood (east of Canberra), where one chilly August night last year, the Milky Way was presented with unbelievable clarity - even more than later that night near Thredbo in the Snowies.

My first ever telescope was a cheap dept store type, but to view Saturn and see the rings, was unforgettable, from my rear door when I was living in Christchurch for a few years. Also viewed the Jewel Box cluster at the Arts Centre / Townsend Ob telescope in the city:

Really just wondering what I will get from the following set up:

Bintel BT-114EQ Deluxe Telescope

This telescope has superior high quality optics with a 910mm focal length (f/8). Coupled with its sturdy German Equatorial mount any budding astronomer will delight in the views available. Resolve fine detail on the lunar surface, the Rings of Saturn, Equatorial belts on Jupiter, see stars in Omega Centauri Cluster, the dust lane in the Centaurus "A" galaxy, Eta Carina Nebula and many hundreds of other nebulae, clusters and some galaxies.
Quality fittings and accessories come standard:
- A 6 x 30 crosshair finderscope with quick release dovetail bracket and springloaded adjustment makes finding your target easy.
- Three 1.25" Plossl eyepieces (25mm, 15mm and 9mm) are included. They offer definite advantages over competing telescopes supplied with "cheap" eyepiece.
- A moon filter and a comprehensive instruction manual are also included. Optional Motodrive provides hand free tracking. Some simple astrophotography is possible with optional camera adapters. We include a one year warranty and in-store lesson if you require assistance assembling and using your new telescope.

As it is dicfficult to get decent views at present where I live, I am staying with this low end model until better living accomodation permits worth while observations. Thinking I might get some nice moon views if I stay at my son's place on the NSW Sth Coast maybe?

thanks for any advice
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