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I'm reluctant to say, only because it goes against what a lot on the forum have recommended a newb to get.......

It was a 6" newt skywatcher on eq mount...... (gasp I hear)

The reasons were.....
1. Was going to get an 8" dob (as per a lot of discussions recommend), but wanted to get a bit more portability (probably some debate about that now I see it in my louge room)
2.Sister has a dob 8" and said her frustration was not knowing where in dec and RA she was in the sky and that she regrets that.....
3. I love technical details, so was mentally prepared for the challenge of a frustrating and difficult mount

So the forum is good in that it has prepared me for frustration. (it is always about expectations isn't it?) I'm not after an easy 12 months then getting bored with it, I am after a good challenge to start then an escalating interest in astronomy.

I also reaslise the mount may not be perfectly accurate, so am prepared for that too, but perhaps will give me some idea of where I am.

SO PLEASE be gentle..... it isn't what many of you guys would recommend, but also what you said, there is no perfect fit for the newcomer anyway.

So I am like a pig in sh$t at the moment, just hoping for some clear nights, the wife thinks it is kinda amusing.......

So all the questions will be about the EQ no doubt, so please be patient everyone, and YES I am waiting for a I TOLD YOU SO in the questions ahead.

Thanks for the welcome, bring on the 1st December!

Also I just found out to my amusement that the basketball court (council land) concreted in the park outside my back fence NOW has a use , it will work perfectly as a level telescope viewing pad!!

Thanks for the great site, I have use it to great effect so far,
Also love stellarium, incredible program.

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