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Well, I've managed to over come my pointing errors and had a fantastic
time last night. I wasn't setting the FIX ALT REF properly... well
accurately so I used my big Square. Also I logged into the Atomic
Clock and found my local time was 45 seconds out. After I had set these
correctly nearly every object landed in the FOV of my 14mm XW. And
the ones that missed (probably 2-3 out of about 40) were straddling the
EFOV. I knew it had to be a timing thing as the previous night the AN
was accurately in accurate... meaning objects appear to be alway slightly
east of the FOV. So in this case the AN was telling what was wrong...
pretty neat really when you think about, still I got a lot of the manual
read while working on the problem yesterday

I did a tour of Globs in Sagittarius, Galaxies in Fornax and I dialed up
serveral object from Starry Night I had running on the PC inside. The
AN never missed a beat, boy was I having fun

So I'm definitely a happy clapper!!!!! only came in last night because of
work today... but I'm off tomorrow : )))))))

Thanks Gary for a wonderful product, already I dont think I could live

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