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Well the telescope arrived today, haveing not ever owned a telescope I was pretty suprised at how big the box was, and then I fell over laughing when I saw how big the thing is, (8 inc reflector), I was expecting it to be a bit smaller, and I pointed it at the sky, started with the moon, I was pretty stoked at how good it looked, both my wife and I were blown away, then we pointed it at Jupiter I think, unbelievable, then the moon went behind a tree so we picked the scope up and shuffled up the back porch, (I had visions of taking the scope with us in our caravan, Ill have to buy another more portable one!) Then it took us forever to get the moon in view again, for it to go behind the trees again. So we decided to bring it back in and read the instruction book, tomorrow night will go a bit smoother I think.
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