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If you get into "Beginners Start Here!" forum, there is a button at the upper left that says "New Thread". Click on that, add title and message and click down the bottom to "Submit New Thread".

To recommend a scope, first a lot of questions for you:-

1. What do you want to look at?
2. Where can you look at things - in fairly bright city areas, or are you in fairly dark skies already from your back yard?
3. If you have to drive to get to dark skies, you will need to be able to pack your telescope, transport it safely, and put it together at site? What sort of car would you have available - big, small, wagon etc.
4. Do you really truly want to try and take some photogaphs of what you see through a telescope? Think carefully before you answer? "Yes" may change everything and increase the price a good bit.
5. Do you think you might get out once a month? once a week? every second night!
6. Do you want automatic everything? Eg. if follows the stars for you, finds things for you - or can you do that yourself - follow star maps to find things and then be prepared to follow them by moving the telescope by hand?
7. Are you technically handy - adjusting knobs and screws? Some telescopes need regular adjustment, some are adjusted from the factory and don't need much attention.
8. How much do you have to spend?

That will do for a start!! If you answer those, it will be come clearer what telescopes could suit you.

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