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Hi Gargoyle_Steve thanks for the welcome tho I'm not actually "Gort".. {he's my sidekick.. I'm the (then) impossibly handsome actor no-one now remembers, I can't remember his name....} but you can call me Russ. (Unless I do something meanwhile by deedpoll)

I reside at Deagon, ..the far-end of Sangate Rd.., near where it veers to merge with "all roads north"..

as far as being able to accept any gracious invitation to dark-sky events goes, I'm back-injury but not wheelchair, I thank (the deity of your choice)for that!- I arrived sometime after they realised "intervention" does more harm than good ,but I am "challenged" when it comes to sleep/wake routine ...or any other "routine"... hence my bourgeoning interest in night-sky phenomena

my forecast ability is limited to something less reliable than the BoM, ie I could not accurately forecast my ability a week hence... 2 days at most..

I might also be limited in the duration of my being-away, to a limit of 2 nights.. ..but if that'd fit with 'riding shotgun' on one of your adventures to a place of peeking-"where no man has gone before", I'd be "chuffed"_ as they say, where they drink "warm" malty beer ... now where is that smilie that raises a frothy glass??

... I'll get a sheet of red cellophane to "dark-sky" my 9-led torch tomorrow! ..err, "today"

as I used to say to my motorcycle mates "keep it shiny-side up!"

HEY HEY!! ...I found it on one of your posts in the moggie thread! ..and cut&paste seems to work!
Cheers Steve

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