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Merry Christmas everyone.

I've just got my first telescope (birthday + christmas present, so had to wait a few months since I was told about it): a Celestron Omni XLT150 Newtonian. Skies are full of clouds, so I'm surfing astronomy websites - and came upon this forum 8)

I live in Springwood NSW, so shouldn't have too much of a problem with haze or light pollution (I hope) ... but the bush will no doubt limit my view from the backyard Luckily a friend has a 4WD and likes heading to the Outback, so there might be some nice observing trips coming up (once I've learnt to drive the 'scope)

My earliest space-related moment would have been around age 4, travelling on the trans-Siberian railway: looking out the window, and seeing something that looked like a meteor in reverse - presumably a rocket launch of some description far off. I've always been fascinated by the night sky - but never really learnt much about it... now's the time, I guess 8)

Here's hoping for some clear skies soon 8)

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