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Originally Posted by thongus View Post
Does anyone else get dizzy or eyestrain from looking into a pair of binoculars at the stars because it shakes so much?
I got 8x40 and they are an eyesore..
Yes, it can happen. Possible solutions:-

1. get a chair with arm rests and see if you can rest your elbows on them - that should steady them and give your arms some rest. Obviously you need to be able to lean back a fair distance so need the right adjustable lounge - check the deckchairs and pool furniture at somewhere like Clark Rubber.

2. get the binoculars onto a tripod. The problem then is looking at a high elevation - you get all tangled up in the tripod.

3. put them on the tripod, but leave the legs folded and use it like a monpod. hold onto it and lean back to look higher. That will steady them better. Even lying down and leaving the tripod connected will assist steady the camera, even if the tripod legs don't touch the ground.

4. build a suitable binocular mount - see some examples in the Projects & Articles section , or search this forum or the net for "binocular mount" or "parallelogram mount"
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