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Hi Tragedies, welcome to IIS and I hope you have a great time and a long stay here.

As to how much you should spend on a beginner scope is a very subjective area as it would depend on size, type and what you would want to do with it. I would suggest to stay well clear of internet and department store specials, you will only be dissapointed.

For starters I would try to get along to your local astronomical club and see what other members have, maybe even attend some viewing nights and have a look through some of their scopes as well this will give you a better idea of what is on the market and also what you would like to do as well.

You could also talk with some of the astro shop people as they are amateur astronomers themselves. There are lots in Melbourne but the only one I know of is Bintel, I'm sure other members can add a few more shops to this list.

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