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I have a To-Do List?

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Hi from another noobie to the forum. Yep I'm a lurker. I've been kickin' back in the background for too long, so I thought it was time to join up. This reads as one of the most helpful and friendliest forums of any hobby I've been a part of.

I was big into astronomy in my teens and early twenties (1980's), built Newtonians and Dobs, dabbled in astrophotography, but became sidetracked with all the usual distractions, careers, girls, families (mostly in that order). Now I'm in my late 30's, I have a growing interest again for the last 1-2 years. I'm just enjoy using the bino's for the moment but hope to buy a 11" SCT in the next 12 months.

I'm having the same dilemma as many others regarding the ol' "fork or EQ mount" decision, but I've got plenty of time to decide. A little more home work yet to do.

Anyway I look forward to contributing to this forum.

hoo roo.
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