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Ok here is my set so far!
I like the 35 Panoptic as it has a big field of view, just behind a 31 Nagler.
Stars are not sharp across the field, but its a nice big wide field eyepiece.

The Vixen LVWs are my favorite with the 22mm and 13 mm just beautiful.
Easy to look through and nice sharp field. Not the widest field around, but thats fine by me. The 8 mm is also great for Globular clusters and Galaxys.

The 10 mm and 6 mm LV are very nice and well underestimated. I have had many people say the 6 mm eyepiece on Saturn was as sharp as they have seen.

When the seeing is good the 4 mm has its place on the Moon and Planets.

I hope to fill the LVW set in the future with the 17mm 5mm and 3.5 mm in the case to complete the set.


(Very nice Stuart )
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