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Originally Posted by casstony View Post
I bought a used D750 with a Sigma f/2.8 EX DG fisheye lens. The lens has to be locked at f/22 to be able to work at all with the camera, yet the camera display shows f/2.8 in manual mode.

Does that mean the lens is working at f/2.8 or is it fixed at f/22 with this camera?
Hi Tony,

The lens is working at the aperture displayed on and controlled by the camera/set by the user. Set the lens to f/22 (and lock the manual aperture ring on the lens so it doesn't move inadvertently) , otherwise the camera will show error "fEE".

With the manual aperture ring locked use the camera dials/thumbwheels to select the aperture you want, anywhere from f/2.8 to f/22 and photograph away. Current manufacture Nikkor (G series) and other 3rd party lenses for Nikon F mount, remove the manual aperture control ring all together so that aperture control is all via the camera.

If you are unsure and want to test the camera for yourself, then with the camera in manual mode and at a given shutter speed, start at say f/2.8 (set on camera via dial/thumbwheel) and work your way down to the smallest aperture f/22 one stop at a time and look at the resultant image it should have reducing exposure each time, indicating that all's well.

Great camera.


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