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Gilles, I finished parts of your request, see the new viewer in the GD (same revision number). Missing are cooler min and max which need to be added to the cam_view code. The data is currently dumped into the text box with comma separated columns so you can copy/paste into notepad and save as CSV, which can then be imported into a spreadsheet for plotting etc. I am thinking of making logging data go into a file but this will have to wait until tomorrow, too tired now, it was a BUSY day. All source code is in source code/luka folder.
I never developed in Delphi before Cam86 so making any changes is slow.

Also I have uploaded the new driver, v0.6.6L. This should (hopefully) fix the internationalisation issue with , or . for numbers. Can you please test.

Pat, the old cam used the same value of 0.04. If it is slower now then I have stuffed up something. Will need to investigate...

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