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Good morning Tom and Gilles....welcome to downunder. Remember we are upside down here so hang on! Oh did I mention the time zone differences.....yeah this can produce disjointed conversations so please be patient, we are 10hrs faster than UK but 10 years behind!.

I think the ATMEGA328 does the "bit banging" timing in lieu of hardware and ASCOM driven timings in cam84/85m. This takes some communication load off the connection. Also the ATMEGA328 is capable of doing on-board TEC cooling control, etc etc.

I've sent invites to our GD with "read" permissions at the moment. Please by all means use what you want but I need to discuss with the other IIS gents on accessing "write permissions" for you.

I think I've already sent the GD invite...please tell me if it does not show up.

Really good to see new members interested. Kinda.."new blood to spill"!


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