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Hi Filip,

a warm welcome to "downunder". We have been admiring your work but couldn't completely understand "sealing" until you posted the above images. Now we get it "a picture tells all"! Good idea, pot SIL connectors in a sensor mount housing. Double stack them for TEC clearance! Wish I could think of things like this.

You then only have to worry about moisture in the sensor chamber! This is the problem with us atm. Using the enclosure the grim and others used. Its really not the best solution.

I suspect we will stay with this till we get some cameras "running" then push ahead to a different housing. I say this with eyes of envy towards your set-up!

Keep up the good work.

Luka, I can add stand-offs to my PCB board drawing, easy as. But I think it would be difficult to hve this as a jackscrew arrangement to adjust from outside the box. Impossible to seal this.

If the box is sealed and flushed with gas then this enough for the sensor. No separate chamber needed. This is the beauty of Filips' enclosure. A small sealed chamber is easier to control than a bigger volume. I have some doubts the case we are using is fit for this (sealing). Sorry to say.

On another eagle PCB files got corrupted late last night. Wouldn't open, gave errors ..."not consistent" and "wrong technology... at line xxx" blah blah. After hrs and hrs...and a sleep..found Eagle has an editor I can use to goto the line, delete the "technology" field save...voliÓ. It lives and re-linked back to the board!
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